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BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

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BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2
BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 title screen.png
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) SNES (Satellaview peripheral)
Genre(s) Racing
No. of players Single player
Media Broadcast Satellaview
Release dates
Japan Practice: June 1st, 1997[1]

Week 1: August 10th - August 16th, 1997
Week 2: August 17th - August 23rd, 1997[2]

Previous game BS F-Zero Grand Prix
Next game F-Zero X
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BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 (BS F-ZERO グランプリ2) was the third F-Zero game released for the Super Famicom, and the second via Satellaview. It was never released outside Japan.

The game came in three installments: Week 1 and Week 2 were live Soundlink events in the same manner as BS F-Zero Grand Prix, and a standalone BS F-Zero 2 Practice (BS F-ZERO2プラクティス) was available for learning five of the ten courses.

Bucky Koba returned for the live events to provide commentary. There were four new voices, two of which are Barbie Suzaki and Grace Hisasue, the latter of whom served as a Grand Prix Navigator.


Big Blue II and Silence II are minimally different from their BS F-Zero Grand Prix counterparts. Sand Storm II has only minor cosmetic differences.


Note: The data for the Soundlink events was never archived for preservation. Information on the Forest and Metal Fort courses is not available.

Week 1 Forest I Big Blue II
Big Blue II
Sand Storm I
Sand Storm I
Forest II Silence II
Silence II
Week 2 Mute City IV
Mute City IV

Forest III
Sand Storm II
Sand Storm II

Metal Fort I

Metal Fort II


Ace Mute City IV
Mute City IV
Big Blue II
Big Blue II
Sand Storm I
Sand Storm I
Silence II
Silence II
Sand Storm II
Sand Storm II


Week 1
Week 2


Cut Content

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