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F-Zero Wiki:Privacy policy

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Capt Falcon Color1.png This is an enforced policy on F-Zero Wiki. This means that this page details the standard that all editors are expected to follow. To suggest any changes to this policy, please refer to the talk page.

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This page details the privacy policy of F-Zero Wiki. This refers to the retention of, and access to, user and page content data by all users of F-Zero Wiki, the wiki software, and other third parties. If you have any questions regarding usage of your data, please contact a bureaucrat.

User details

When a user registers for an account on F-Zero Wiki, only the details that user chooses to provide during registration will be retained in the wiki's database. This includes their chosen username, e-mail address, real name, gender, etc. In general, the only details retained will be those necessary for the correct functioning of the wiki as a whole. This information will never be knowingly distributed to any third parties by any member of the wiki's staff.

Remember, however, that if you choose to add certain personal information to your user pages, then, as long as such content is acceptable under the wiki's userspace policy, the wiki's staff have no control over its content. Similarly, the staff are powerless to prevent third parties from accessing and using such information. Remember that you post any personal information at your own risk, and that, even if you later edit your user pages to remove personal information, it will still be visible in the page's history and in the wiki's database, and cannot be completely expunged without an administrator's intervention (and even then, it will likely still remain hidden in the database, since nothing can truly be fully removed from it without causing inconsistencies and errors). Please exercise extreme caution when posting personal information, and be aware of the risks of doing so.

Page content

The content of all pages on F-Zero Wiki, including current and past versions, is publicly viewable and freely available under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported, except where otherwise stated. The staff of F-Zero Wiki are not accountable for the content of the wiki's pages; however, the staff do try to ensure that any and all offensive content is removed from the current versions of each page. This does not ensure that offensive content will not be visible within a page's history, as the page history contains a record of all former versions of each page, along with the names of the responsible users. Exercise discretion when browsing page histories. The content of the articles on F-Zero Wiki does not reflect the personal opinions of the wiki's staff and owners, and should not be interpreted as an expression of such. Likewise, contributors ideally should not allow personal opinions to be reflected in the content of pages they contribute to.

Certain articles utilise tools that appear to modify the content of the articles based on certain account settings. These include features such as changing the spelling of certain words based on your chosen dialect of English, and replacing certain instances of phrases like "the player" with settings such as your own name. These tools have been designed so that they do not actually edit the articles' content, but merely give the appearance of doing so. Your name and other settings will never be stored in the page's history by these features.