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This page is for nominating pages for Featured Article status on F-Zero Wiki. To nominate an article, please make sure it follows our Featured Article standards, listed below.

Featured Article standards

To become a Featured Article, F-Zero Wiki has a few rules that the article must meet in order to be nominated:

  • The article in question cannot be a stub article.
  • The article in question must have at least one image.
  • The article in question must be properly categorized.
  • The article in question should be grammatically correct for the most part.
  • If an article has already been a Featured Article, it cannot be a Featured Article again.
  • The article must not be directly copied from any other wiki or website.

Voting and Nomination Policy


===[[Name of Article]]===
Description of article and why you have nominated it.

#Support goes here, each following vote goes under it.

#Oppose goes here, each following vote goes under it.

The conclusion goes here. An administrator will close each nomination and place it in [[F-Zero Wiki:Featured Articles/Successful nominations]] or [[F-Zero Wiki:Featured Articles/Unsuccessful nominations]] and will update the templates.


  1. Place a # before each vote.
  2. When voting, leave a brief comment stating why you voted the way you did, or just leave your signature.
    • Refrain from writing a paragraph or longer stating why you voted the way you did.
      • You should not provoke arguments with your comment. Attempts to provoke arguments or using offensive phrases in your vote will result in the removal of your vote.
  3. Each person can only vote once on each nomination.
    • Any person who votes multiple times on one nomination will have their votes removed.
  4. Sign your comments with four tidles (~~~~).
  5. Place each vote under other votes, so that votes are in chronological order.
    • Only hit "enter" once between each vote, hitting enter multiple times will result in the numbering system getting messed up.
  6. You may change your vote at any given time, but mark undesired votes by slashing them out using <s> and </s>.
  7. If there are multiple nominations taking place, try adding in all your votes in one edit.
  8. Do not edit archived nominations.

How to tag a Featured Article

To tag an approved featured article, place {{Featured}} at the top of the article.

Current Nominations