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Capt Falcon Color1.png This is an enforced policy on F-Zero Wiki. This means that this page details the standard that all editors are expected to follow. To suggest any changes to this policy, please refer to the talk page.

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Hello and welcome to the F-Zero Wiki, a wiki all about the F-Zero series of videos games! There is a lot to write about, but maybe you don't know where to start. Below are some helpful tips and guidelines that can help you make the best of your time here.

Article structure

Main article: F-Zero Wiki:Quality standards

What makes a wiki are its articles. Articles are the wiki pages that contain information on a selected subject, such as Captain Falcon or Big Blue. The articles are structured in a way that is easy to read and navigate, while providing all the information that is available on the subject.


Headers are the section dividers that show readers what information they will find in that section. They are usually given a simple name, such as the name of the game, to make it easier for readers to find. Headers are created by placing equal signs ( = ) on both sides of the phrase. Sub-sections are created by adding additional signs.



===Sub-section 1===

====Sub-section 2====

=====Sub-section 3=====



Linking to other articles is what connects pages together. Usually, the first time a subject is brought up on a different page, it should link to its page. Linking is done by placing two brackets ( [ ] ) on both sides of the subject. For example, [[Captain Falcon]] turns into Captain Falcon. Sometimes, you may wish to display something different, but still link to that page. This is called "pipe linking", which is done by typing the intended destination, followed by a vertical line ( | ), then what you want to be displayed. For example, [[Captain Falcon|this]] turns into this. If the destination page doesn't exist, the link will turn red, like this.


When writing certain phrases, it is important to stylize them correctly.


Every instance of a title of a game, video, or publication title should be italicized so readers know what the page is referring to. Italicization is done by placing two apostrophes on both sides of the phrase, so ''F-Zero'' becomes F-Zero. For example, for these two instances of "F-Zero", the F-Zero Grand Prix itself and the game, the game should be italicized and the Grand Prix should not. Keep in mind that placing apostrophes within brackets (aside from the second parameter of a pipe link) will cause the link to turn red, so italics should be placed outside the brackets.


Bolding a word or phrase is done by placing three apostrophes on both sides of said word or phrase. Bolding should generally only be done during the first instance of a subjects name. For example, the first instance of "Captain Falcon" on the Captain Falcon article should be bolded. Placing a link to the current article will also make a bold word or phrase, but this is discouraged and the actual syntax for bolding should be used instead. Like with italics, placing apostrophes within brackets (aside from the second parameter of a pipe link) will cause the link to turn red, so apostrophes should be placed outside the brackets.

Proper Grammar

Above all, make sure an article is readable. it maykes it dificolt to reed a sentince win its speld incorectly


That's about it for the simple stuff! If you require additional help, please view the other help pages or ask for help from an experienced member.