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Help:Custom signatures

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Custom signatures are a concise way of allowing a user to put their own personal mark at the end of their talk page posts, and make it easier for users to identify and distinguish each others' posts. To create your own custom signature, follow these steps:

  1. Create a page containing the text for your signature, titled "User:MyName/sig" (replacing MyName with your username).
  2. Create another page, titled User:MyName/sig2, containing the following: {{User:MyName/sig}}.
  3. Go to Special:Preferences, and, under the section "Signature", in the "New signature" box, type {{User:MyName/sig2}}. Tick the checkbox titled "Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)". Save your preferences.

With this done, your new custom sig is ready to go! Just edit "User:MyName/sig" to your liking. However, please try to ensure that your sigature conforms to the guidelines below.

Custom signature guidelines

  • Please don't use images in custom signatures. These tend to be distracting in talk page posts. Other symbols, non-Latin alphabets, etc. are generally acceptable.
  • In your signature, you may change your username as you please, provided that the signature links to your user page correctly, and does not clash with another person's username.
  • Please keep your signature to a reasonable length. "User name (talk)(contribs)" is acceptable, whereas "Really long super-cool awesome epic nickname (Talk to me about stuff here) (See what I've edited and when I edited it here)" is not. The administration reserve the right to edit your signature without notification if it is deemed excessive in length.
  • Don't use your signature to deliberately draw attention to your posts. Brightly-colored arrows and text such as "<<------ LOOK HERE!!!" will be removed.
  • External linking is acceptable, as long as other users can identify them as such. A link to your Wikipedia user page should ideally be placed alongside the link to your page here, and titled (Wikipedia) or similar. Unclear external links may be changed by an administrator. Do not link to explicit/pornographic material, online gambling, rickrolls, etc.

If you're unsure about the content of your signature, please contact an administrator.