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F-Zero Wiki has various staff to help in the operation of the site. There are several different positions of users, each with their own tools and features. Members may request staff positions, or nominate other users on the dedicated requests page. For the full permissions of all ranks, see Special:ListGroupRights.


The Editor-in-Chief is a position on the wiki with much responsibility. They are an elected representative and authoritative leader of the wiki who helps settles disputes without interrupting the natural process of gathering consensus, but also intervenes whenever editors become disruptive and malicious.

The Editor-in-Chief's responsibilities include:

  • Helping lead the staff to encourage good edits, welcome new members, set up projects or collaborations, or anything else beneficial to the wiki.
  • Helping the staff contact other websites for affiliation.
  • Delegating their responsibilities to any staff member, or in some cases, any user, who they feel can perform the job well.
  • Managing other staff positions, suggesting promotion for active and reliable members and removing inactive members.

A user may remain as Editor-in-Chief for as long as they choose, or as long as there is staff support. At the time of their departure, they may run an election to see who will be elected the next Editor-in-Chief. They may nominate one person, and the Editor-in-Chief's vote counts as one vote. However, the Editor-in-Chief cannot close the election until at least one week has passed and a simple majority has been reached, even if the Editor-in-Chief's selected candidate is not elected.

There is no current Editor-in-Chief.

The former Editor-in-Chiefs have been the following:

User Duration
Popenotorious (talk · contributions) 2012-2020
Alex95 (talk · contributions) 2020-2022


A bureaucrat is an administrator with a few extra permissions. While they may not be the central editing figure like the Editor-in-Chief, they are well-experienced or technically talented to help keep the site functioning. Several tasks that bureaucrats manage would be:

  • Removing inappropriate content from public viewing
  • Changing other users' rights
  • Viewing IP addresses.

Current Bureaucrats are the following:

User Activity
Archaic (talk · contributions) Semi-Active
Justin (talk · contributions) Inactive
Tacopill (talk · contributions) Inactive
ToastUltimatum (talk · contributions) Semi-active
SuperHamster (talk · contributions) Inactive


Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators can access a few additional functions:

  • Deleting and undeleting pages, page histories, and uploaded files.
  • Move pages without leaving redirects.
  • Locking (protecting) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights.
  • Blocking users from editing.
User Activity
GuyPerfect (talk · contributions) Active
Trig Jegman (talk · contributions) Active


A patroller is an editor with an extra tool: Patrolling edits. Patrollers are meant to view the edits of others and mark them internally as approved. This ensures all edits being published are constructive or otherwise. All administrators and bureaucrats also have patrol tools.

There are currently no patrollers.

Interface administrator

An interface administrator is different than a standard administrator, as they are responsible for managing the site's layout and design. They control things like the following:

  • Interwiki links
  • CSS and skins
  • Javascript and JSON

Current interface administrators are the following:

User Activity
Archaic (talk · contributions) Semi-Active
GuyPerfect (talk · contributions) Active
Trig Jegman (talk · contributions) Active


These are staff of other affiliates, such as NIWA. They have a few extra tools, like being automatically patrolled and bypassing CAPTCHA requirements.

Current ambassadors are the following:

User Activity
GuyPerfect (talk · contributions) Active
TheFlameChomp (talk · contributions) Active
Trig Jegman (talk · contributions) Active

Former Staff

Former staff members of the site:

User Highest Position
Popenotorious (talk · contributions) Editor-in-Chief
Alex95 (talk · contributions) Editor-in-Chief
FullMetal Falcon (talk · contributions) Bureaucrat
Bud0011 (talk · contributions) Administrator
Level3 (talk · contributions) Bureaucrat
Moydow (talk · contributions) Bureaucrat
SuperAlpaca (talk · contributions) Ambassador
Metroidking (talk · contributions) Ambassador
Malake256 (talk · contributions) Ambassador
Tina (talk · contributions) Active
Miles of SmashWiki (talk · contributions) Ambassador
Zenox (talk · contributions) Patroller
Wraith (talk · contributions) Ambassador
The Forgotten Beast (talk · contributions) Ambassador
Starphoria (talk · contributions) Ambassador
SnorlaxMonster (talk · contributions) Ambassador
Serpent King (talk · contributions) Administrator